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Ken Hintz & Friends Advertising & Creative Services

Ken Hintz & Friends, Advertising & Creative Services

Established in Seattle in 1979. After a wonderful career working with the best clients in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, I have retired to Bend, Oregon due to my diagnosis of ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

It's been a sincere honor to work with the hundreds of clients and friends all these years in the development of some great work and I cherish every memory.

Thank you all.

A Very Sad Update - Please Read Below!

Ken passed away peacefully Saturday, January 28, 2012 - four days shy of his 62nd birthday - surrounded by both his family, and an amazing panoramic view of the mountains he so loved, resting at his new home in Bend Oregon.

In Kens honor, a memorial website has been setup to celebrate his life.

Please come join us all, tell a story, and help honor and remember one of everyones best buddies. Ken was a friend who would always make you smile, a friend who you could always count on, a friend who really cared, and a friend who really enjoyed friends.

Help us all miss Ken Hintz together. Come share the good times, and all the funny ways that he touched your heart. Come visit with us... just click the link below to join in. That's what Ken would want you to do.

Thank you all.


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